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Acts of generosity

October 11, 2009

Tonight I witnessed an act of generosity that I have not seen in a long while.

Dean Kosage, a local San Diego entrepreneur and life coach and public speaker, dressed up and gave away $8000 of clothing and accessories to an up and coming web and graphic architect.

He was empowering the young man to brand himself and stand out from the crowd of his peers, who are typically grunge and punk.

Mr. Kosage took 2 hours with this young man to teach him different dressing styles from casual business to corporate to wine lounge to coffee shop. The young man’s typical wardrobe was Ed Hardy, ripped jeans, skate boarding runners and hoodies. Mr. Kosage gave him 3 $2000 suits, 3 pairs of $200 dress shoes, shirts and a $800 watch.

Mr. Kosage’s goal is to give back to others what was given to him earlier on in his career when a successful lawyer and JAG officer took him under his wing and mentored him.

Mr. Kosage has trained thousands of leaders around the country and internationally to think and act successfully.


The Pole Position

October 11, 2009

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